Tuesday, May 02, 2006

self portrait

Hi. My name is Aurora. Actually that's not my real name, it's my Cybername. Also my Majickal name.
This blog started out to be about my spinning and knitting adventures, and has morphed into so much more. Now I'm entering the realm of Self Portraiters.
I blog for myself, it's another way to be creative. It is a link to others as well, and feels right.
I spend my weekdays teaching first grade at a public school two days a week. When I first started teaching I loved it so much. I still love the kids, but I don't love the system. I am currently trying to figure out another way to do what I love and support my kids. I am interested in learning more about alternatives to "regular" education. Much to my delight many of my favorite bloggers are either homeschooling or "unschooling" their kids. I am fascinated by the Waldorf principal as well. The other days are spent at home with my three year old. We craft and cook and play together. I wish we had more neighbors to play with....we live high up in the mountains, in the middle of a State Park, and it is beautiful, but remote. We are not connected to electric or phone lines. We run on solar energy and are working towards a sustainable environment.

I live with one husband, one preschooler, three dogs, six cats, two rats, eight hens and a horse. Two weeks a month my twelve yr old dd is here, and every other weekend my fifteen yr old dd makes an appearance.

My favorite pastimes are magazine reading, making collages (my excuse for the magazines, ahem), sewing, knitting, spinning and crafts, playing piano, cooking, thrift store and garage sale shopping, riding my horse, and occasionally running.

The worst job I ever had was my first - at a copy shop. I was fired for running off a set of important papers, all wrong. I threw it into the recycle bin and was caught. I went home crying, but did not confess to anyone that the mistake was really mine.

I want to do self portraits as an experiment to find out if I am interesting. At this age one starts to yearn for "reinvention".... I feel the need to turn a corner, make a shift, wipe the slate, pick up a brush .... introspection is the first step for me.


Blogger eva said...

i agree the schooling system is wrong. i feel one of the problrms is that teachers and parents don't remember how it was to be a child. too much importance is given to progress and result and not enough to process and enjoyment. kids have very good ideas how to better the world and how to live happily; they should be encouraged to dram on and live them.

on the other hand, in aworld where the majority strives for power, dreamers have a hard time. in my case, sadness is sometimes overwhelming and often i can't believe what i see, alll the harm done.

i really can't decide what i wish for my son, to be like me or like the strange world.well, i just think i should let him grow as he sees it fit.

anyway, your home sounds like a paradize.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Maddi said...

hahaha you need a new self portrait. you are def. 92734981273987 pounds less and you need a shot with your new makeup :] love you!

7:43 PM  

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