Friday, April 14, 2006


As the weather continues to be crappy, we had to create our own Spring. P. # 2 and I went foraging for this madrone branch. When inserted into a rice - filled pail it makes the perfect Ostara tree. Over the years we have collected little bits of this and that to hang.
A close up... special basket items from Springs gone by, like the little white bunny bank, the glass candle holder (encircled with rabbits), the ceramic box, figurine and cutest ever egg holders from my mom; special boxes that I reuse year after year and noone seems to mind! And the classic Easter Match Game that faithfully comes in the dye box every time, a hit with all my girls. Brings memories of rainy evenings of baking and stoking the fire. I love the pink glass candles I found at the grocery store, they really have a nice glow.
Flowers from dh (the red) and from my sweet class (the daffodils). More special boxes and a chocolate bunny candle. My orchid peeks over the side, please pray that I will not kill this. I am notoriously bad with orchids.

And the rain keeps coming. When the stable looks less like a sludge pit I'll take pictures of Fanny and her Horse Hotel. Meanwhile I knit on...Greg's hat has a nice start...and read 1,000 Days In Tuscany. Most excellent!

Have a wonderful Easter / Eostar / Spring Fling...


Blogger Peruanita said...

Happy Easter to you, Random and the whole family! Hope you're having a great time! Much LOVE to you, your favorite stalker.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Sylvie said...

Oh Goodie Aurora. So nice to meet you today at my yard sale. We have some things in common.
#1)I love baseball, but alas, I'm an A's fan. I'm from San Francisco so I was an obligatory Giant's fan for a long time, but then I decided I liked the A's stadium better (Compared to Candlestick Park), and now I'm thrilled to be able to take bart like you said. And I really got onto the team even more when they had Eric Byrne's with them.
#2) I once used a madrone branch for a Christmas tree. Ha! It was when I lived in Felton. Which brings me to...
#3) My house in Felton was also in its own weather bubble. It would be raining to th eeast and west of my place, but not where I was.

Yippee. Enjoying your blog, Sylvie

8:36 PM  

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