Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Have I mentioned that I love baseball? Almost as much as knitting. Actually, I took some knitting to the A's vs. Angel's game, but did not have the guts to whip it out. As we waited in line to exit, I spotted a woman carrying a bag full of needles and a tank top's worth of beige ribbon yarn. Hmmmm. It can be done.
Here's J. doing his Happy Dance after his team hit a home run. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at his house in Berkely...pan potatoes, mushroom and broccoli quiche, fruit salad, muffins and lemon bars. We talked about politics and baseball, but I did not knit. I am strictly a Giants fan, but I love me some baseball games. The A's games are particularly fun because you can take BART, and it pops you out right at the field. The dd's all love to ride the "train".
Happily, all three girls were in attendance. The two Princesses had a good time cutting it up and trolling for boys (#1.) I had fun too, even though I didn't knit. (Are you picking up on the guilt yet?) We ate peanuts, Cracker Jack (man those prizes suck, don't they?) and all the leftover Easter candy. But I wasn't, well, you know.

Random thoughts for today:

* Dh and I have completely opposite ideas about money. This could be an opportunity for balance, but usually just makes us pissed off at each other.

* My house seems to exist in its own little weather zone. Twenty minutes in any direction will almost always render the opposite of whatever was happening at home. This sometimes makes it difficult to get dressed.

* I will never again have the body I had before my last child. I may need to hold a eulogy for this. I sometimes stand outside myself and watch the stages go by: anger, sadness, denial, etc.

* As a teacher I am evidently considered an expert on parenting. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am also hopelessly bad at Math, and will never teach anything beyond the first grade.

* I miss the carefree days of college and the time I spent in my beloved sorority. I have recurrent dreams of trying to get back in. I think I need more friends.

Thanks for listening.


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