Friday, May 12, 2006


Thrifted bee skep fabric on the left. Four yards of 60" flowy cotton - linen blend, perfect for a summer dress.

And the pattern: McCall's 5422, 25 cents. I'm thinking view A (the girl with the hat) - highish waist, scoop neck, four vintage buttons and a nice full skirt with deep side pockets.

And if I have enough left over, this fabric will make perfect Farmer's Market bag, complete with their own little drawstring pouch.

I imagine people stopping me, as I peruse the piles of colorful fare, and asking where I got the clever bag. Smiling I will hand them my card.

I decided against the June 3rd craft fair. But I'm keeping my eyes open for the next opportunity. Rather than putting the cart before the horse however, I need to discipline myself towards production. So much time seems to be sucked away at trivial pursuits, not the least of which is the internet...without it, I would feel isolated. But time sure can get away, eh? (Oh, just one more blog....)

Random favorites today:

* Pulling on a sweater and rubber boots with my cotton nightgown and taking Fanny out her breakfast early in the morning.

* Seeing progress in the garden. Large swaths of soil are finally starting to appear, ready for seeding. Convincing myself that I ALWAYS get a late start with the vegetables, but it all catches up later - nobody's tomatoes ripen any faster when they plant in April.

* Having Red Rose tea instead of coffee first thing. Tastes cleaner, and I can drink more without having my shoulders up to my ears as I type.

* Letting the four big hens out to forage, and getting twice as many eggs because they are so elated. Finding a big green egg nestled in Fanny's straw stack.

* Shopping my closet. Making the switch (finally!) from winter to summer clothes, and throwing out two thirds of the too-tight, no-longer-me options. Deciding to wear mostly skirts for the next few months, even at home. Feeling chic as I scoop manure.

* Getting my riff rescended. I have my job back next year! Considering the delicious options of a brand new school year, and having a whole wonderful summer to dream about it. So much potential.


Blogger Strikkelise said...

Those farmer's market bags look so cool!
And your garden looks lovely.

1:39 PM  

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