Thursday, May 11, 2006

pack - o - fun

A recent thrifty score. I actually paid half the original 1958 price for this great book. Looking for a potential swap??? I need fabric and trims more than I need books. But somehow, I can't stop buying them...
Here's a couple more. The one on the left is just wonderful. All the classic quilt patterns, plus directions, and stories about how each one got its name. Lots of tips on technique, and the writing is so enjoyable. There are no color pictures, which I find helpful because I hate having too clear of an image in my mind when I set out to create. (I have only made one quilt in my life...I suppose I should dig it out and post a picture sometime.) I am very inspired by the quilts I see posted everywhere, and after I finish the other 215 things I want to do I might start on one.

The Fairytale book is pure fluff - the stories vary from classic to lame, but oh! The pictures are great. Real 1960's coloriffic images. I'd be interested in swapping this one too maybe. Any paper crafters out there looking for cutups would be way into it.

And, as I promised in my last post, hold your breath! Knitting.
Here we have the Seaman's Cap from 2005's 365 Days of Knitting. This is Greg's long awaited Honoree present, knit up in a toasty wool blend for his bald head, just in time for....summer. Well, folks, I sew faster than I knit, that's for sure. Right now I have many sewing projects waiting patiently by, and I'm not feeling inspired to knit now that the weather is so lovely.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a CRAFT FAIR VENDORS WANTED sign at my local boostore. No resale license needed, only $25 for the booth ($20 more for tent rental) AND it's a kid festival - the perfect place to sell softies, little girl dresses, and bags. The catch: it's June 3rd, and I have nothing sewn. Zero. Nada. Zip. Unrealistic, you say? Ridiculous?

Hmmm, I'm thinking. Well, if anyone out there has ideas, wants to swap, or wants to share a booth in Santa Cruz on June 3rd (only 2 more left!), please comment below.


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