Tuesday, May 11, 2010

busy as a....

Last Saturday I came home from running errands and saw Nice Dad standing on the deck staring at something..... as I came closer, I saw it was a swarm.

The air was FILLED with bees.... it was like nothing I had ever seen, a virtual tornado of them.  Upon closer examination we could see that they were congregating on a nearby branch, following the queen and staying close to protect her.  

Millions of bees formed a living glob of dripping, humming insects.  The mass dripped and undulated and was truly fascinating to watch.  Nice Dad got his gear on.... ready to capture them.

It was an awesome job.  He climbed a ladder and cut the branch, then dropped it into a box and sealed it up.  Then he got the new chamber ready.... I requested he place it in my garden!  Way to pollinated those veggies all summer....

With a little help, the deed was done.  It is so wonderful to have the bees where we can watch and enjoy their gentle but persistent energy.  They are so, so busy from sunup to sundown, and their sound is meditative.  It's going to be a wonderful summer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessed beezzzz ! Congradulations...Yes a wonderful summer indeed....luv Raga

8:27 AM  

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