Friday, February 05, 2010

inside my head

Here are my two bigger girls.  This is a moment of rare happiness.  The truth is they fight like cats.  They are merciless with each other, turning physical at times, and they completely ignore my pleas that they not fight in front of me (it's so rare I have them together, I hate for them to ruin it).  When they were little, Nice Dad always wanted to buy them those big inflatable boxing gloves so they could just go at it; I never let him, fearing the worst.  Now I just stay out of their way, hoping it will get better some day.

There are many many mushrooms in the forest lately.  It has rained off and on for a couple of weeks now (drowning some small lettuces trapped under row cover) and the fungi seem to love this.  We found a trickle of chanterelles following a drainage pipe last week.  ND picked and cleaned them, and we cooked them up with lots of butter and garlic, and slurped them down.  Even little p. loved them and ate up a big bowl.  It felt like eating the forest.

The mushrooms in these pictures are NOT chanterelles; I am too lazy to search around for proper i.d.  I just think they are good colors and neat looking, and will assume they are deadly for good luck.

Meanwhile I could be taking pictures of:  the scarlet merino top I'm spinning (trying to keep it chunky); the hot pink corriedale I got from the December gift exchange that I can't stop petting; the looong lacy pink scarf I knit out of sock yarn; the black spiral rib fingerless gloves I made for Big Princess for Solstice but ended up keeping; the "purl" scarf that I started but haven't worked on in weeks.  Instead I'm kind of hibernating, filling up my hot water bottle by 8 pm and curling up in the quilts with some chocolate and Sex in the City in the laptop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to see your blog again dear friend. I said good buy to V today. relieved and a little sad.
It sure is a gift to have a long lasting friendship like ours. Nice post.
luv Raga

7:05 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Hi Aurora. You won the Victoria magazine. Could you visit my blog at and scroll down to where I announce the winner and follow the instructions please?

Thank you!!

5:23 PM  

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