Friday, February 26, 2010


So.  Much.  Fun.

I did some focused Princess studying during our visit.  Noticing styles of gesture, mannerisms, vocal tone.  Supreme feminine essence, the Princesses (I saw six all together).  So beautifully feminine.  All little girls love this; somehow, in the search for my authentic self, I am being drawn to this energy once again.  Here is Cinderella.  So soft and pretty.  We saw two different girls "do" Cinderella, and both were wonderful.

I lost my voice on this roller coaster.  In the spirit of great fun, ND went on the Screamer too - twice!  The center of the circle you see above is the upside - down part.  Saturday morning we got in an hour early and rode this several times in a row with no crowds.  (I apologize for the gorgeous Southern California weather I am so shamefully flaunting here, for those of you enjoying otherwise.)

We rode all the rides, ate all the food, laughed a bunch.  Good family fun.

Home once again, I am anxiously awaiting Spring.  There is broccoli ready to pick in the garden.  Nice Dad turned 51.  I am learning how to be lovely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

learning how to be..what was that princess pritty? Oh you are way beyond that! you are smoken hot and real! much more depth for you Queen and no less for you my friend.
Looks like fun. glad your back!
hey i found a place today in Ben lomond.
peace out

8:31 PM  

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