Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fun yum

Flowers from my garden.

Have you tried blackboard paint?
You should.
This stuff is fun
And fun is good.

Fun and yum come together in my latest cobbler creation.  People I have made two of these and both times I ate 90% of it.

For starters, this fits in a pie pan 1/2 the regular size.  That way, if it's just you eating it, there's no waste.  This recipe is a fusion of recipes from Alissa Cohen, Ani Phyo, and myself.

For the crust:
1 cup dry almonds
1/4 c dates (about 4 - 5)
1/2 t salt
Process until it looks like the picture above.  Press 1/2 the mixture flat into the bottom of your pan.

The syrup:
5 -7 dates
1 1/2 T cocnut oil
splash vanilla (purists use beans)
1/3 c water
Blend until smooth.  Fold into 3 cups of your fruit of choice:  I have tried all apricots (heavenly) and a mixture of apricots, strawberries and plums (also excellent).  Next I want to try peaches.

Pour the syrupy fruit into the pan.  Pour the other 1/2 of the crust over it and press lightly.  

If you are lucky like me, you might have one of these plastic takeout containers - it is exactly the right size, and has a nice lid to keep your treasure safe.  Like a little raw cobbler bento.

Please enjoy eating the whole thing.  I know I did.


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