Saturday, July 11, 2009

the days

We start with tea (or hot chocolate almond milk) on the occasional foggy morning.  Early is a good time to water the flower pots, putter an hum a little.

I have become a little obsessive with water lately.  I believe this may be related to my diet.  I use a dishpan to catch ALL the water that I use in the sink; this gets dumped onto the fig tree, or the lavender bushes, or strained into the watering can I use to keep the seed starters moist.  No drop wasted!

Little P. is getting a little healthier with her cravings as well.  Here's a sunny treat:  apples and almond butter.  Best if licked off your fingers.

A batch of buckwheaties has been dutifully soaked, sprouted, and dried in the sun.  This stuff lasts forever and makes a great cereal; I'd like to make some crackers with it too.  I'm experimenting every day.

Here are a couple of cute chicks.  Seems like we just can't get out of the feed store these days without more critters.  Last chicken count:  14!  But the last three are little banties and damn those things are cute.

Tomorrow's the horse show!  Wish me luck.


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