Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A little blossom springs up among the burnt out mountainside of Ormsby Trail. See it shining there against the rock? A wellspring of hope.

The resident llama at the top of Ormsby whispers to me: not long now. First Winter, and then Spring. Then all will calm down and stress will subside. All things are possible. This from a wise soul who somehow survived the fire and still holds the king's position among the ruins. Calm abiding at it's best.

Nice Dad and I partied hardy at the annual Loma Gala last weekend. And we scored a trip to Mazatlan! (Vacation dates TBA.) Behind us glows the terrific painting of Crayons donated by a local artist to our school. Oooooh, I wanted it so bad. Final bid: $20,000 (unfortunately not by us). However it was a wonder to see, made even better by an after party at their beautiful home (straw bale and gorgeous).

We are rich. Stay tuned for Mexico...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you both!
Love your hair happy momma. You will love the vacation you scored. My hubbie and I have been there. Don't forget to visit Senor Frog's. We didn't get the nerve up. But the reports we got back on the cruise ship made us sorry we were such chickens.
Starr Noel64

5:54 PM  

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