Monday, October 06, 2008


I'm really starting to feel the inward pull of the waning light these days. The way I only see the sun in the morning on the weekends, otherwise it's still misty and dim as P. #2 and I pull up the driveway towards the coming day. I do so love to see my house in the morning.

I'm afraid these sunflowers have faded away now. All gone, all gone.

The inward pull makes me want to knit, spin, read, and cook. Due to homework and looming deadlines I am unable to do much of any of these. I confess to spending too much money last month on cookbooks that I now have no time to read. But winter is long, right? Oooh, all of these books make me smile, but that one on the makes me smile AND drool.

A young wild turkey hen has taken up residence. Here she is, caught on camera as she makes her way across the top corral. I suspect she is nesting somewhere nearby. Nothing says Autumn like a turkey lurking.

Yes Goddess I feel your inward, cronelike pull. I know it's approaching the dark time, the reflective time, the divination and revelation time. I want to make soup and start socks and plump pillows and stack wood.

Darn homework.


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