Friday, October 10, 2008

another October

October in Kindergarten means a visit to Johnson's farm. Farmer Rob is the classic example of the typical farmer, almost cartoon-like in his enthusiasm. On the hay ride around the property, he leads the children in a hearty "yeee - hah!"

Rob has done amazing things on his property over the last thirteen years (have I really been coming here that long?) Everything is picture perfect, and he comes running out just as enthusiastically, waving his hat, year after year, as the big yellow school bus chugs up the hill and the kids crescendo into an enthusiastic cheer at finally reaching our destination.

The ancient barn is lined with implements, all of which have seen plenty of action over the years.

The resident old horse, Pumpkin Pie, still holds court over the pasture. He follows the hay wagon right on cue, begging for grain treats and trying to snatch the ornamental corn as the parents cringe in fear.

Jack the dog guards the wonderful gift shop that smells of fall: cinnamon and cloves, pumpkin and coffee. Jack still lives for the chance that a Kindergartener will forget about Farmer Rob's number one rule: Don't feed Snack Jack!

Rob obviously loves children, and I can't think of a better job. He exposes children from Santa Cruz to Silicon Valley to the delights of feeding chickens, petting goats, and plucking pumpkins straight off the vine.

Along with pumpkins and Indian corn, Rob grows Christmas trees. I've always wanted to return during another season, but somehow can't bring myself to break the spell of quintessential Fall here at the farm.

The barn beckons from beyond the rickety fence. Come inside and discover the delights of rustic simplicity.

Cross the magic bridge to a world of autumnal fantasy.

Make a wish, hold your breath, and plunge into the cornfield. Emerge from the other side triumphant and smelling like fresh air and sunshine, clutching a colorful cob.

Harvest Days are indeed upon us. Are you ready?

Oh T., I missed you this year. I miss spending this special time together. It's still wonderful, but not the same.... big October love to you way over in Palo Alto!


Blogger Ms. Tori said...

I loved vicariously joining you on your trip. Ah, the memories of Johnson's Farm. You are a wonderful teacher with the most loving heart, and I miss you lots! Can't wait to see what you are harvesting next.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

We just ran through a corn field and I have a photo just like that one. I love the rustle of the leaves.

11:22 AM  

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