Saturday, September 27, 2008

what's going on

In case you thought my life was as bucolic and wonderful all the time, as I try to show you all the best bits, there are other realities happening that are more challenging. My morning commute is one of them. It takes me about an hour to get to school in the morning, so I leave around 6:45. Here is the view I snapped the other day: I love how the fog, way below the mountain where I live, looks like the ocean around an island of trees.

Part of the reason I leave so early is to get small Princess to her Montessori school for before care and still be on time. We love her school but it definitely adds time on the road. Here she is on the first day, just half an hour before coming downhill around a blind curve and colliding with a contractor coming too fast and obviously not aware of the dangers of driving mountain roads. We were all fine, but my poor little 4Runner suffered a longish dent. Bummer!

I'm also on the road twice a week, jetting down after school to class at SJSU. Between Atypical Development in Children and Social Issues in American Education, it's making for a pretty depressing semester.

But, like the island in the clouds, if I wait long enough, the blue sky shines through. This second picture was taken just seconds after the first. I love my house, my family, my job. And I love SJSU, even though it's sad to sit through classes about premature babies and the current welfare system.

And last Thursday, I got wireless. The sky doesn't get much bluer than that.


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