Monday, May 19, 2008

buzzard lagoon

Whenever I have to give someone my address for some reason, especially over the phone, I always get a double-take when I say I live on Buzzard Lagoon Road. "Yes, that's right, two words like it sounds."

Oh yeah it's a real lagoon. The path on the way to it is dotted with various lovely wildlife. The buzzards are a given of course. The wild iris are a nice surprise.

They are copious but, like most irises, don't last well in a vase.

And just around the corner...

It's not lovely, but it is an important water source for many creatures in the forest. If we are lucky we can see their footprints. Lots of coyote, deer, pigs, occasional cougar. My dog Whoopie loves to swim here...he's part Airedale, a breed created to retrieve otters way back when.

It's a magical spot, and we are so blessed to live just a short hike away. With all the hot weather lately we were relieved to find it full and thriving this weekend, teeming with salamanders and mosquito fish. We picked up a few bottles and cans from the (bad!) motorcyclists who, despite the cement pilons and local laws, persist in using it as their personal playground.

We do too, but our footprints stay light. Live light!


Blogger LauraJ said...

The irises are like children, put them in a vase and they won't thrive, but let them free and do their thing they are beautiful! :D
Lovely pictures today! I enjoyed Buzzard Lagoon, especially with no snow! :D

4:53 AM  
Blogger Cristina said...

I've never been there during the day! I need to, so I can appreciate its beauty! Hey, how's it going with the fire? Are you okay??? LOVE you and miss you guys! I just called R. to see if everything is good (not that a phone call always works haha).

12:49 PM  

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