Saturday, April 19, 2008

these days

Can you find a balance each day between doing things you have to do and doing things you want to do? I find the secret is to elevate needs to preferences. Staying in the moment you can find something you want, even if you're doing something you wouldn't prefer.

We don't know why she likes her bra so much that she wore it under her bathing suit. And I don't know why I bought her a bra either... except it was 5 cents at some thrift store.

The weather has been positively unpredictable. Very very warm, and then very very cold quickly. Yesterday a t shirt, this weekend sweaters and fingerless gloves again. Seems that way everywhere out in blogland.

The perfect day is when you can just enjoy every minute as it comes, and if you're not enjoying it, to pay attention and change your attitude.

Or change what you're doing. Be sure to do things for yourself in equal portion to what you do for others.


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