Sunday, January 28, 2007


Often I am amazed at how much my world reflects what's currently going on in my life. If I really pay attention and stay present, it feels like my surroundings are just a big mirror.

Sometimes I really can't see the forest for the trees. I am so busy trying to stay on the path that I miss the beauty that is all around, beckoning me to slow down and notice. The world is fresh and green, and each day is truly a new beginning.

Change is inevitable. My schedule has been upended, much like this huge tree after a wild windstorm. I no longer have the leisure of the last six months; I am up - and - at - 'em and going non - stop from 5:30 a.m. to 5:00, when I finally land home again. Soon this too will change as Horsey Girl has won a spot in the school play, which involves three nights a week. At least I'll get a lot done at work. But I am struggling to fit in what has become so vitally important: daily walks, yoga, and meetings with my therapist. Not to mention quality time with the family, homework, housework, and animal care.

And a fresh new path stretches out before me: I have applied to Graduate School. I have taken the first steps towards something I feel very strongly will change my life. There are many more forms to fill out, questions to be answered, decisions to make, and the GRE to take. I worry and wonder how it will all fall into place. The answers are around the bend, beyond the trees.

When I can stay centered, really be behind my eyes, my life is illuminated. Fingers of lucidity pour in...I am touched by light and overwhelmed with gratitude. The world is beautiful, and messages are everywhere, if I only choose to look.


Blogger Bean said...

Good for you for doing something for yourself and also for looking inside yourself for answers. After all, that's where they've been all along!

PS - I commented anonymously (by accident) on the Fairy and the Bird post... I didn't realize I wasn't signed in! Sorry.

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