Wednesday, January 03, 2007

fabric mart

You didn't really think I was sitting on the beach the whole vacation, did you? Of course another ritual of Oahu is the sacred pilgrimage to Fabric Mart. It was just as mind blowing as I remembered it. This time I got Horsey Girl to accompany me; she really enjoyed the wide variety of Hello Kitty prints we spotted upstairs. Oh yeah, it's
two floors worth of Hawaiian fabric goodness.

Here's a shot of the second floor! The variety is endless. The salespeople are brisk and businesslike. It's pretty obvious this place doesn't see a lot of tourists, so we stuck out like sore thumbs. But I refused to mask my enthusiasm. This place even has Hawaiian print polar fleece! Next year I am definitely getting some.

This year I showed much greater constraint than last, however. I just bought three remnants (two yards each, none over $4.00) and a great turtle pincushion fashioned inside a coconut. It's done in traditional Hawaiian quilting style, and I love it!

The red print was our tree skirt this year, and the green covers the TV when it's not on. The bottom is a fantastic barkcloth that is mostly gone since I used it to make an apron for my bil (I was his secret Santa this year).

I'm thinking of cutting up the Box of Crayons quilt-that-is-not-a-quilt and making placemats, backed with Hawaiian fabric...after I spin a little more, that is.


Anonymous Carrie K said...

Oh my gosh, Aurora, that literally took my breath away! The best reason I've seen for visiting Oahu.

Have you ever been to Stone Mountain Daughter on Shattuck in Berkeley?

11:54 AM  

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