Saturday, November 11, 2006

my backyard

Some random thoughts on a rainy Saturday morning...

* I have a pretty short attention span. I try to make headway on the Little Leaf Lace scarf, but all I can manage is a couple of rows here and there, while P. #2 plays at the park. Yes, there have been many graceful evenings that were open to options like knitting, but fell instead to wine and Sex in the City reruns.
Wine + Lace = Certain Disaster.

*Today I have been hired to entertain the children at my friend's son's birthday party. He will be two, but most of the guests are in the 5 - 6 year old range (my particular specialty.) In the plans: face painting, storytime and singing games, a little moving around (hokey pokey, etc.) and then stringing Fruit Loop necklaces. I'm really looking forward to it, along with the extra money I'll save for Hawaii.

* Did I mention we are going to Hawaii?! We leave December 4th for ten days. We are all so excited about it...dh will run the Honolulu Marathon again, and we have a condo just blocks from the beach. Horsey Girl will be joining us this year, as well as the in laws and my sweet sil, she is really fun! Anyway, I'm stashing some cash away, a little lei money if you's very important to have a fresh lei on at all times when on the island. Some people would smirk when they hear we are staying in Waikiki...but when you live as remotely as we do normally, being right in the thick of the big city action is pretty exciting. We love it!

* Along the same subject, I'm happy to report I have lost thirteen pounds since September (my favorite number!) I did this through a combination of daily 1 1/2 hour walks (lots of uphill) and cutting back on mindless eating, especially white food. I'm happy to report it worked very well, but I'm still nervous to put on a bathing suit, and I'll probably try to find one in Hawaii since the selection will be vast. (Think: coverage!) Anyway, I have about 14 more to go for my goal weight. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

* Wednesday was the anniversary of my sweet Dad's death, and I spent it with my Mom. We went out to the cemetery and talked of memories and how much we miss him. I wish he could have had more time with my girls. He loved children and he would have been so proud. My mom says she isn't lonely, but she is lonesome, and there's a difference.

* On the same visit, we discussed Thanksgiving. Seems we'll have quite a crowd at my sister's house this year! When I complained at always being given drink duty, I was immediately assigned a more substantial list: cranberry relish (I made it the first time last year and it was a huge hit!), candied yams (recipes please!!!), ambrosia salad (just a lot of can opening, there) and potato rolls. Goddess, give me strength. I feel flattered, but a little faint...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...fall in the forest is truly majickal.


Anonymous Carrie K said...

You can do it. Hawaii will be fun.

Those are some fabulous pictures!

That's sweet & sad about your Dad and Mom.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

You have a beautiful back yard! Hawaii will be awesome - don't let your modesty stop you from having fun!

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Cristina said...

Hawaii! YAY! I hope I get to see you guys there! Can't wait. FUN!

By the way, from all I've heard about your dad, he seems like he was a great man, and I know he's super proud of having a fantastic daughter. Love, me

5:30 PM  

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