Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Recently I posted about living without TV. Now it's a great idea, emotionally and spiritually, to do without TV. It's better for a child's development, etc. etc. And it's easier said than done, I'll admit. But what do you do when you really CAN'T resort to the electronic babysitter?

You see, we live "off the grid." No, we don't use solar power so we can get a rebate from the electric company. We use solar power because that's the only power we have. And we love it.

We have a gas water heater, gas refrigerator, and a gas stove. Today when we got home and it had been foggy all day AGAIN (three days running), instinct and experience told me it was time to employ an alternative method of amusement. First choice: homemade playdough.
Princess #2 started Big Girl School about two months ago, and this transition has given birth to many new responsibilities and an overall sense of purpose. SHE would be the one making the playdough. And luckily it was easy as pie.

Homemade playdough:

*One cup flour
*One half cup salt
*One cup water
*Two tablespoons cream of tartar
*One tablespoon oil
*A few drops of food coloring

Mix over medium heat until thick like mashed potatoes. Spread on the counter to cool. Store in an airtight container.
Now you see my red kitchen. I painted it this way about five years ago, and it's badly in need of a re-paint. But I can't bear to do it! Every time I think I have the perfect color picked, I chicken out. The red is just so, well, perfect.

A simple as pie project that took minimum effort for maximum joy. She continued on into the afternoon, squeezing and sculpting and making dozens of pies and cookies and cakes...no help from Dora.

Last of all, a quick pic of my Secret Tea Pal Swap package. Lavendar tea, lavendar chocolate...good strong breakfast tea, beautiful tea blossoms, a wonderful glass mug, and some silk noir from Sedona in gorgeous desert colors. Thank you so much Annise!


Blogger erin scissorhands said...

just found your blog through green kitchen...i am in love. i'll be back for a visit shortly! off to read more of your blog...

7:52 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

it's so nice to see regular posts now!! yayy! and with pictures!! the first picture looks like it belongs in a magazine! P2 is just too cute up there! And she matches the kitchen! (way long ago and far away when i moved into an old house a year before A was born I wanted to paint the walls red like that-it never happened)
that playdough looks fun, and who needs Dora anyway?

6:53 AM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

Just wandered in from LauraJ's -- mostly due to the Sleeping Beauty references - one of my Disney faves.

So I touched the spindle and now will say "Health to the princess, wealth to the princess, long live the princess aurora!"

6:47 PM  
Blogger lorinda said...

Love the red kitchen. Maybe just touchups?

And I think I need to find you the recipe for chocolate playdough--which my nephews love to make and play with.

1:00 PM  

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