Thursday, June 01, 2006


Say what you will about Barry Bonds, there is no bigger thrill than seeing the Giants play on their own home turf. And seeing history made before your eyes is just icing on the cake.

First one must get properly colored. A kind stranger in the parking lot sprayed the girls down.

What a beautiful day in San Francisco! The kayakers were gathering in anticipation. We gripped our tickets with excitement. Would today be the day?

And yes, yes it was. Two beers and some garlic fries later, we stood up and held our breaths.

My GOD! There it goes........
And the celebration ensued. Much cheering, whistling, high - fiving....the crowd was on top of the world. And Barry? A mild blush, and a bigger smile than I've ever seen. He came out to wave to his adoring fans, taking off his hat and waving to everyone. We love you!
What a hit! What a day! What is remembered, lives.


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