Sunday, May 28, 2006

in stitches

A few thrifting finds. The pattern gets tossed into the "to do" pile - I'm getting quite a collection of cute little girlie dresses now. A sealed up bag of fabric revealed the three interesting green pieces, intermingled with some questionable polyester (not pictured). The curtains, which I immediately fell in love with, were 1/2 the price on the tag - a whopping $1.75 for two. I couldn't resist...
Two simple seams and an elastic waist later, P. #2 was in heaven (as witnessed by the big toe). A new favorite skirt, and an enthusiastic photo session ensued.

I turned to the next pile of goodies. There was a striped crib sheet foraged from the free box at the laundrymat, which I turned into a sorely needed new ironing board cover. Another flowered sheet, I couldn't resist these colors, and I'm thinking it may become the back of my first quilt! And the towel? Ah, from the dollar store, isn't it the cutest?

As soon as I saw that towel, I knew I had the makings of an apron. I cannot tell you how long I've been longing to make an apron, but it's been a long, loooong time.... every time I go to the garden and pick something without a basket, or feed the chickens and have more eggs than my hands can handle.

The pattern for this comes from a book entitled MaryJane's Ideabook / Cookbook / Lifebook, and I highly recommend it to anyone who embraces the farmgirl aesthetic. It's marvelous!

My perfect apron has a nice big pocket (made from the towel) for hand wiping stitched to some thrifted red striped ticking. The book calls it the Harvest Apron and indeed, it's handy for stashing anything you might pick up around the yard (or the house, when tidying.) The top of the towel is incorporated into the waistband and therefore made for some challenging sewing, thickness - wise; the original pattern calls for calico or the like. The pocket is stitched firm across the bottom, then halfway up each side. Clever!

Check out MaryJane's website here. She has a fun forum you can join as well.


Anonymous Sylvie said...

You gals are homespun! Great energy in the photos, and wonderful stitchin'.

I discovered that MaryJane a couple years back. Can her, and her life, really be for real?!

2:50 PM  

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