Monday, February 13, 2006

fun is where you find it

Like when you make cupcakes for the family. These are inspired of course by yarnstorm.
I have learned not to use a flash for the pics. We'll try that next time.
Here's more fun: an indoor house for reading, playing, napping...use your best sheets (or just an old bedspread you found at the flea market)...
And don't forget to serve lunch, bento box style. Just use your Tupperware or other containers (read: plastic!)
Cube food for maximum preschool appeal. Then fill the place up with books, pillows, stuffies and a kitty if one is available and willing. (You can't see her - but she's in there somewhere.)

Then when you're tired of that game, pull out every block you own and build a zoo.
You see there is no end to the fun around here.
And in case you were wondering...yes I AM knitting. I cast on the dh's birthday socks during the games on Saturday while visiting my mom. I am trying to kill THREE birds, so to speak: the birthday gift, the olympics (4,000 athletes! Hysterical!) AND the sixsocks for this go 'round. I figure if I finish them in time to get the gold medal, I'll still have time to make Jaywalkers before the next pattern comes out!
All together now....
Well, I have the cuff done on one anyway. I'm enjoying posting more often. Oops! The games are starting! Time to knit...


Blogger Peruanita said...

Those cupcakes look good, I think you might owe me one! ;) Hope you're doing good, I'll email you tomorrow to check in since your phone stinks! Cristina

10:31 PM  
Blogger choccycherry said...

Great minds think alike! I made the very same cupcakes as you for Valentines day!!

2:52 AM  

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