Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Way

I have been knitting the latest 6sox sock(s). ( I have been trying and trying to get buttons on my blog. I think the learning curve here is a little steep for me. Or something. Anyway, there should be a cute little button for this group under Stuff I Do.) I knit on my breaks at school, I knitted through a two day seminar last weekend, and Princess #2 has watched WAY too many videos as I knit on...and on....and on.....on this:

Can you see the hearts? I'm afraid it looks much better in the picture. From the side it's just stripes of very very bright colors. I like the colors; in fact, waaaaaaay back on December 1st when the pattern came out, I knew immediately that I wanted to knit them in pink and orange. But now I fear it needed more contrast. *sigh* Sense my tone. The only thing worse than knitting a sock you don't really enjoy is....knitting another one. Now I may be new at this blogging stuff, but I get around. I see you all knitting Jaywalker. Don't think I haven't printed out the pattern. I know what yarn I'm gonna use, and I'm not afraid to use it. But I've committed to the 6sox gals, and being a fixed sign astrologically, I must plod on.

Then there's the case for dh's upcoming birthday. I've got the yarn for THOSE socks, too. He's a Pisces, and they are all about feet (their own, that is.) I know he'd love some in that heathery green I scored in Hawaii. But when? How???

Now here's some more whining: On Christmas Day, as you might recall I knit me up a little headband thingy. (I wear it a lot, BTW. It's just as warm as a hat, but prevents hat hair.) As I was knitting a friend of my mother's dropped by. This lady has been knitting oh, probably 60 years or so. She spied me immediately. "Oh, look" she remarks. "Someone who still knits the hard way. I see all these young people knitting nowadays...I don't know how they do it when it's just so easy to slip it off your finger." My ears turned red like my yarn. I mumbled something about teaching myself as I continued to toss each strand, over and over. Then she continued, "And what could you possibly be making with that long skinny rectangle?" At which point pride overtook me. "I actually spun this yarn myself," I asserted. "I'm just getting an idea of what it looks like knit up" (which was true at that point.) Sheesh! What is with people?

She looked casually interested, then wandered off. But the words kept coming back to haunt me: "...the hard way...the hard way..." and I wondered to myself: is this why it takes me so long to finish stuff?

But I won't let it bother me. And I probably won't change my knitting style. I WILL FINISH Standing In The Shadow Of Love, and I'll love wearing them. Meanwhile, I'm off to pack up my Secret Pal 7's first goodie box. Have a rockin' day.


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