Sunday, February 12, 2006


I adore my weaver's guild. We are called Anne's Web Weavers, though when we meet we mostly spin. What a wealth of creativity! We are a group of women bound together through our love of all things fibery. There are knitters, weaver, rug makers, and artists. We meet the second Saturday of every month to spin, laugh, and exchange ideas and stories. After a couple of hours we have a delicious potluck - there's always a wonderful theme, with decorations and place settings to match - then spin some more. I always look forward to this day, though yesterday I was sad to leave my borrowed wheel in the middle with the others for sale. This picture was taken after lunch...there are about 30 members all told. We meet in an old church, now the Grange Hall for the county.
And in other creative news:
I sewed up some of the Hawaii fabric into a skirt for Horsey Girl. She requested a special skirt for her dance, and I stayed up until 1:30 am finishing it...though started at 10:30, so not a bad I posted earlier, I have been inspired to use other needles in my pursuit of creating beautiful things. Sewing is second nature to me (I learned at age nine) but I have been on somewhat of a hiatus due to using my skills for a little extra income for several lean years when my first two daughters were little. Nothing like doing something you love for a living to completely take the joy out.
This skirt was originally eight tiers, but we cut it down to seven and I slap dashed the pattern so the flowers came out randomly. The original fabric has them flowing down in three neat vertical rows. H.G. was thrilled and has worn it for three days in a row! (Note P. #1 peeking around, also sporting a tiered skirt that was a gift from Grandma. She loves to emulate her sissies.)
Inspired by Bird Buzz's post on Whipup (hit the button if you haven't been there - oof! Whatta score for creative types) I headed immediately to a thrift store to hunt for fabric. There is a store directly connected to the place I recycle, so I could do two things at once....I had never been there (the store part). I couldn't believe my eyes...piles of fabulous craft supplies for pennies. Above you will see my fabric cache - all these coordinating pieces in one place!
Stay tuned to see what I'm gonna do with them. (And if you have an idea, let me


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