Monday, January 30, 2006

dreams do come true

Who's that I see peeking at me? A lifelong dream came true for me (and indeed, for our whole family) on Sunday. Behold the magnificent Carver's Fan.
Fannie is a 23 year old registered American Quarter Horse. She is a retired barrel racer with beautiful lines and a sweet disposition. We are temporarily boarding her at a friend's while we work on getting our fence built. She came with a lovely saddle, breastplate and headstall too. Here' a shot of the family: me, horsey girl and Princess #2. Yee - hah!
We spent the day getting to know her. I feel so very blessed. And on top of that, ANOTHER dream came true last Friday when I received my very first Secret Pal goodie box! What an incredibly intuitive and generous SP I have. Feast your eyes:
The colors of this deliciously soft merino roving reminds me of my pretty bearded iris. It also reminds me (ahem) that I haven't gotten around to putting that new string on the wheel. Along with this coveted fiber, I also got some very thoughtful items.
These are some very pretty floral notecards for writing those belated holiday thank-you's. Also a wonderful album of hammered dulcimer music...very calming and just right to knit by. Note a winter bloom from my favorite rosebush, Virgin of Guadelupe. Her foliage is dark purple against the bright clusters of pink. If it doesn't rain again I'll have more opening.

Here's my favorite retreat spot. We got this tub from a fellow's salvage pile. Princess #2 was born in it!
Looks like my windows could use a wash too! But wait...come closer and see what else I got:
Plumeria bubble bath, a nylon scrubber that sticks to the tub (essential for dry winter extremities) and a very glamorous head wrap to complete the look. Looks like I'm headed for the bath now....mmmmmmmm....thank you thank you Secret Pal.


Blogger Melanie said...

Whoa! You got a horse and fibery goodness? Lucky You!

5:09 AM  

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