Wednesday, February 01, 2006

then there were two

The sixsocks are finished! And just in time, because there's not doubt that I'll be winning the drawing this time since there are only 79 entrants, lol.
I like the colors, even though the hearts are not as noticeable as I would desire. I downloaded the next pattern and it looks interesting, so we'll see. I'm still itching to try Jaywalkers. And with all the fun crafty type blogs I've been visiting, I am inspired to branch out, maybe try some different kinds of needles for a change.
If you haven't checked out Whipup, do click on the button! Today's the big debut. There are many wonderful articles and you might recognize some names. After perusing sites (following link after link hour after hour, all the while cleverly avoiding housework), it struck me how nice it is to realize there are actually women out there just like me: creative, articulate, smart and funny women who have a lot to share. There are the vintage fabric collectors, the thrift store hounds, the knitters-spinners-weavers; there are toy makers, bakers, moms and lovers of beautiful things. I want to thank ALL of you and the way you have opened my eyes to the world in a new and different way. I want to carry my camera EVERYWHERE. Suddenly my world doesn't look so mundane - wow! I have beauty to offer too, and my cup runneth over.
I plan on adding lots and lots of new blogs to my list.
Have a nice week!


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