Wednesday, August 03, 2011

bringing home the bling

We just got back from the California Gymkhana Association State Show in Hollister. Nice Dad, Little P. and I all camped with our horses for eight days and rode all thirteen events. It was extremely exciting. Over 250 riders came from all over the state to compete. The array of horses was dazzling!

To sum: I rode hard, tried my best and came in second, missing High Point by one point. The end.

As usual we have a dearth of pictures since if any pictures get taken it is me taking them. Here's a good one of the back of me. (Insert eye roll here) Actually if any of you were here last August you might notice how good looking my horse's backside is looking these days. He's come a long way from the pale, skinny, undermuscled guy I got a year ago.

His personality is slowly being revealed... a baby without his friends. Humble to a fault, looks hurt when I correct him about personal space (forgets easily). Seems like he really enjoys the games, can turn like a tornado, but needs a little warmup before we take off or he can blow (like the time I fell off). Potential, potential... we are growing together and it feels great.

Princess Number 2 rode like a champ, but busted up into the higher spot on the matrix and really should be competing there. Little Blackie was her usual sweet self, cantering prettily and keeping both ears on her rider at all times. She even slows down when P. lost a stirrup and never takes advantage. She is worth every penny we paid for her and noone would guess she is 20. We were so proud when this team won a buckle on the last day.

Nice Dad and Sparky rode wonderfully too and also placed second in their age group. We came home with buckles and sparkly new headstalls and lots of inspiration to ride at all the shows we can this year!

Please pause to admire my handsome boy. Oh the majesty! Thank you.


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