Thursday, July 07, 2011


Here is that stray cat I mentioned awhile back. Little P. and I found her a couple weeks before school was out. I saw her out of the corner of my eye on Ormbsy while driving home. She was crouched by the side of the road and looked terrible. When we picked her up she was skin and bones.

She was so weak but even so just soaked up all the love LP gave her and of course she begged me to bring her home. Oh well why not.

She took to my room and relaxed right in, with her own dishes of food and water. She seems pretty old but after eating and drinking regularly she perked up and her tummy got nice and round and she gained some heft. She said her name was Satchel but Nice Dad calls her Mama. She is very very loving and loves her pets.

After a couple weeks one day she just walked out the door into the forest and we didn't see her for awhile. I think the dogs kept her at bay for a time until she finally got hungry enough (after evading our attempts to catch her) and ventured onto the deck. Then I scooped her up and put her back on my bed where she keeps me very good company.

She wheezes a lot and seems to have congestion but otherwise she eats like my horse and sometimes I catch her slinking around and venturing into other rooms and onto the deck. This week she disappeared again for a couple days but last night she landed back on my bed with a thump in the middle of the night. I was glad to see her too.

"Wow that's a good story, Grandma."


Blogger LJ said...

i love people who rescue animals. such wonderful people who do! now was that last sentence a hint that you're going to be a grandma??

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