Thursday, September 02, 2010

more gaga

Here's the show floor, as seen from our "limited view" seats. The cool things was that although we didn't have a clear shot to the front of the stage, we could see backstage. We watched her ever time she entered or exited, and could see them setting up all the cool backdrops.

Another colorful concert goer. I think I want to be her for Halloween.

Another interesting presence in front of the arena was this group of conservatives that were yelling things over the bullhorn like "you're all going to hell" for loving Lady Gaga instead of Jesus. Now I ask you, does this sign make you want to go to church?

I didn't think so.

The thing that struck me was how truly UNhappy these people seemed to be. It was like they were suffering for all of us. I felt a little bad for them; everyone just pretended not to notice.

And here she is.... this is my absolute favorite song of hers, and I just love the part when she unfurls her wings. Gotta research who created that costume. Maybe THAT'S what I'll be for Halloween!


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