Thursday, September 04, 2008

finger knitting

It was with great joy that Princess #2 learned to finger knit this summer - and got hooked. I was surely a proud momma to see her become addicted to a craft so dear to my heart. It was wonderful to knit alongside her... when I'd pull out my dishcloths, she'd grab her ball of yarn and crank out yards of chain, with great concentration.

Please disregard the dirty fingernails. These lengths of love started to appear everywhere: as necklaces, hairbands, dog collars, decorations.... even a handle on a homemade burlap purse.

But even more valuable was her sense of accomplishment. She loves to show off her skill to friends and strangers, the majority of whom are suitably impressed. Could needles be far behind?

Of course there are the usual snags once and awhile. What the?

Ah yes. Beware the "help" of curious cats.

Truly blessed we are.


Blogger Rapunzel said...

My boyfriend's daughter finger knits as well, she has yet to make anything from them but she enjoys the process!

We, too, have a new kitten who enjoys my yarn basket a bit too much!

3:36 PM  

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