Saturday, August 23, 2008

monterey county fair

My childhood fair, the one where I won countless ribbons on clothing I sewed and goodies I baked, as well as Dress Review and lamb lead contests. The one where one guy brings the ducks and tells ND, "If I don't bring the ducks [and geese], then how will the little kids know about the ducks?" ND wanted to get a runner duck right away.

The one where they pass out free salad in the agriculture room, and have great deals on vegetables to juice. The one where you can buy a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade cake in the Home Arts building. You can also clown around a little (see above).

And of course, this year's fish ritual. You knew it was coming. The team was serious with their ping pong ball throwing strategies.

This fair always comes on my birthday. That made it extremely special as a kid, and still does.

Princess #2 sizes up her options. I never really liked the midway part of the fair as a kid, but I really enjoyed the animals. As I recall, I received my first real kiss at this fair. I'm pretty sure I had braces.

Happiness is where you find it. I love the food at the fair, and enjoy all things piggish and indulging, like a barbecued chicken plate with beans and coleslaw and the spongy white roll. This girl loves chicken.

Here she comes, top one on the right. (I held the fish for her!). Big, big fun, and a nice ending to our summer.

Back to work!


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