Tuesday, August 12, 2008

pet tricks

My dog Whoopie is a clown dog. He is funny, cute, and silly. He will chase a ball - or anything spherical for that matter - for hours without stopping. He can run a long, long ways. He loves to swim in the lagoon. This is how he sleeps sometimes.

Lil' P. has taught the chicks to perch. Also to fly, which is quite a talent for a chicken. These guys have been moved out to the big coop and enjoy their own little cage under the nesting box.
But they come inside to play sometimes.

Jack Black is learning restraint, a remarkable talent for one so enthusiastic about hunting. Jack has brought a couple of birds in the house this summer, along with countless lizards and one really cool bug. Here he remains calmly observant....but I would not have left this scene unsupervised!

These plums are in jars now... Happy Lammas!


Blogger Helena S. said...

What a lovely blog. I just found you through Rapunzel.

5:11 AM  

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