Wednesday, November 29, 2006

into the garden

The weather is getting chillier, and since last night we had frost, I decided it was time to take inventory in the garden. This old bed frame hold up beans in the peak of summer....just a memory now, it's leaning against the nectarine tree at the entrance. P. #2 pleads with me: "Let's go pick something mommy!"

We had rain earlier this week, so everything is lush and green. This is a favorite spot for the hens to hang out, full of sweet grass and luscious slugs. P. #2 has the eagle eye for pickables.

The harvest: peppers, tomatoes, and a couple of very sweet little zucchini. This very well may be our last "picking" of the year. Now in we go to make a little fresh pasta sauce. Thanks for coming!


Blogger Elinor said...

We had our last picking in mid-October but those green tomatoes have been ripening all November - it's been great!

5:40 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

Hello! What a sweet apron!! I miss having a garden. I did it once or twice and then never again. That was way back when I was married and all that crap.
how was the sauce?

9:12 AM  

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