Friday, December 22, 2006

mele kalikimaka

"How'd ya like to spend Christ - mas.....on Christmas Island..." It makes me tear up a little when I hear that song now, especially since it's been almost a week since our return. Though we had a wonderful Solstice party with lots of friends, family and fun, I still find myself grouching about the cold weather and returning in my mind to the warm, watery energy of Hawaii.

I caught this Hula Santa just walking down the street.

Some would scoff at our choice to stay in the busiest, most crowded section of Oahu, but for us the choice is perfect. When you live in such a remote space for your everyday life, you logically enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a view from "our spot", two blocks from the condo and just steps to any convenience one might need while doing as little as possible in the warm, warm sun and water.

The view from our condo, a modest but comfortable space, shows the Ala Moana canal and the golf course beyond. At night the lights were wonderful; by day it felt like we were on a ship as we looked down from the 22nd floor (thrilling to the children, not so much to dh)

Quan Yin was present on a high shelf, so we took her down and dusted her off and she became the center of our vacation altar. Bits and pieces from the beach, fruit and flowers, important gifts (the rubber anemone) and other treasures graced our space. It became a quiet place to center.

Goodbye for now, dear Hawaii. We will return soon...the leis have been cast, and we're treasuring the $200 vouchers we received as a result of the delayed flight! Hmmmm, it may be sooner than we think...


Blogger LauraJ said...

how cute that spongebob made it into the vacation altar. love the hula santa. wouldn't find that around here in this c-c-c-cold weather. Peace to you and your family. Happy Solstice! And this year I'm thankful for your friendship!! What a most awesome gift!! Thank you.

10:56 AM  

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