Monday, December 18, 2006

ups and downs

Every vacation has it's ups and downs. Here are some of mine:

UP: The gorgeous, wonderfully warm ocean water. We hit the beach daily by 10, lingered until 2 if there were no plans, and more than once stayed until sunset. It is so incredibly salty that floating is like breathing. The longer you swim, the better you favorite part is feeling warm pockets that envelop you as you paddle along (never too strenuously).

DOWN: Twice there were signs up for jellyfish warnings (Danger! Stings can be extremely painful!) though they seemed largely ignored. We also spotted gigantic garbage scows far out to sea, a sad reminder of what we are REALLY doing to our beautiful oceans.

UP: Noone got sunburnt, thanks to the diligent application of SPF 30 every morning before heading out. (OK, I switched to 15 by Thursday.) P. #2 was happy in her SPF 100 wetsuit too.

DOWN: Once arriving home, it's freezing, and I doubt I'll be exposing much tanned skin for anyone's admiration for a couple of months. And by then I'll be pale again.

UP: Creating some amazing sandcastles. Every day we tried to make a better one. We even had people take pictures next to them...what an amazing medium! Turrets, holes, caves, moats...we did it all.

DOWN: Life is so darned impermanent.

UP: Bonding with my dh, who is truly a dear. It's so wonderful to be warm and relaxed together. Our condo was cozy, the malls were amazing, we went shopping and he bought me stuff.

DOWN: Coming home. Immediately the prospect of going back to work made him surly and mean. (He's over it now thank goodness.)

UP: I had many incredible dreams that lingered far into the next day. One particular one puzzled me; I had a deep cut across the back of my left hand. It was about an inch deep, yet didn't bleed...I was worried about it though, and felt helpless that it would never heal.

DOWN: The next day, I lost my 18K gold wedding band somewhere out in the waves.

May Pele be appeased, and may the memory of my precious ring be balm to my sad heart.


Blogger lorinda said...

What lovely pics! You and your hubby look so happy and relaxed.

Sorry you lost your ring--but you obviously have inside you what that ring symbolizes.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have a nice tan!!glad you have a wonderful time there, beside the ring.


11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Sorry about the ring! I lost my engagment and wedding rings (in the bowels of a chicken!) .. but was given a lovely one in exchange, so it wasn't so tragic. Perhaps you will recieve one and perhaps Pele WILL be appeased!


7:00 AM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

Oh I'm so sorry you lost your ring! I lost a wedding band that belonged to my mother's mother (who died at an early age of cirrhosis of the liver) in a lake. (No she didn't die in the lake, I lost the ring in a lake.) Big big hugs to you! I know how that feels to lose something so cherished. (At least you don't have anyone mean behind you making you feel awfully bad about yourself for losing the ring, my mother wouldn't let up about it for a long time.) Anyway... I am glad you had such a wonderful time in Hawaii. WIsh I was there too! That water looked beautiful!

7:43 AM  

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