Thursday, October 05, 2006

she's baaaaaack

I'm back, the camera's back, all is right with the world!

I have so much to show you, so much to tell...and five minutes until I have to leave for Horsey Girl's soccer game.

Please don't ask why this is all underlined...I have no idea. I'm just so happy to be here, posting my lovely home grown tomatoes.

That's Green Zebra, Italian Paste, and Cherokee Purple, all organic and heirloom, all tasty and lovely, awaiting my every sauce.

I picked up the camera yesterday, so happy I was practically squealing. The man behind the camera sighed as he handed it over. "It couldn't be fixed, you got a whole new one." Imagine my desbelief. And it only took you six weeks to figure that out!.....of course, I know enough about gift horses. No biggie! I'll take it!!!!

Seems to work even better! Here's gorgeous pears from the Farmer's Market:

And so, much more to come my friends! Swaps, knitting, and (hold your breath) spinning is wonderful, and so are all of you.

Off to soccer now.

Bye for now.


Anonymous louise said...

i have just worked out how to leave a comment on blogger (actually i asked someone!) so thought i better leave you one as i am a regular visitor to your blog and you should know that! i have had a blog for about 6 months, maybe less and love the new realm i have found. it makes the planet a little smaller!
keep up the great posts,

5:14 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

oh i am so happy!! i am beyond happy! and how cool they give you a whole brand new one!! How wonderful!! that happened to me once. I bought a really expensive sound system, it died a year or two later, i still was near the end of the warranty when i brought it in, they called me a month later, we're sorry it can't be fixed but if you go to the store where you bought it they'll give you one similar to it. And lo and behold they gave me a better sound system!! sometimes service is great!! sometimes it sucks (like at wal*cough-gag*rt oh sorry i have a nasty cold lately. I can't wait to hear and see all the wonderful stuff you have to show!!! YAYYY!!! Blogging just wouldn't be the same without cameras and pictures I don't think. The visualness adds loads to the experience. It brings one right into the other person's world. Like a little window. I'm so happy!!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Franco said...

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