Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I see life as a canvas fresh every day
All yesterdays gone
I want to use all the colors and paint the canvas to the very edge not leaving one open space
I know what I want but yet yesterdays overshadow my pretty colors, and hopes for tomorrow push in as well
I try to live fully to see the good in others; to know we have to see past people's flaws as we all have them and need not be judged by them
Yet I do judge, and know I too am being judged
Human beings try to do right, but sometimes fail
It's OK because we can start again
No matter how many times you fall, just remember it's OK, get up and try again
I want to laugh, to love, to really FEEL and enjoy my life
To have people who know me feel inspired and feel good when they are with me
I want to grow, to learn, to get in all the living I can
I want to be the artist of my life for I know this is NOT a dress rehearsal; one go at this life is all I get
And there are no rewinds
And I want to make the most of it

- author unknown

I am painting in yarn...the middle skein is becoming socks, the bottom will be fingerless gloves...hope to have a "real" post soon, thanks for sticking with me!


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