Sunday, June 11, 2006


We are growing lots of things at our house. This popcorn is growing in our front yard. Today I made a fence for this area to keep the crazy dogs out. There is a pumpkin and some sunflowers too. I water everything every day, and of course I get a lot of help.
It's been foggy and cold the last few days, at least for most of the day. Last night we went to a party at an old friend's house. I have two days of school left. I have to think about moving my room (at school). I'm going back to teach Kindergarten next year... I can't wait!

I've been crafting a lot lately too. I did a makeover on the couch by covering some pillows with the fabric I got in Hawaii. Wowie! Before....
And after, investing about two hours and Using What I Have. I think this also qualifies for Finishing What You Have as well, and I have GOT to figure out the Flickr thing v. soon. Anyway, I think starting something happens when you get the idea. I've had this one for about two months now, and it's Stash Reduction 101.
Cue Hawaiin music...

P.S. Yes I did start on the Quilt. It's looking great BTW.


Blogger Sarah said...

Hi, it's your magazine swap partner Sarah here. I will email you but I just had to say POPCORN? You can grow popcorn? That is soooo cool! I like all the pictures of your garden, I used to have a great garden but now I live in a shoebox apartment with nothing but a pot of spinach and a pot of cilantro to keep me company ;)

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