Thursday, December 29, 2005


Well, I am back from Hawaii, and the truth is, I have been for awhile. At this point there are some things you need to know about me.
Where I live, there are no power lines. This is know as being "off the grid". Our power is solely wood (for heat), propane (for kitchen and laundry) and the rest is solar, coming from panels and batteries built by dh.
Since it's been raining pretty much every day since we got back, we haven't had an abundance of power. Therefore the computer gets relegated to "not necessary" status. Even though we all know better.
Finally today is sunny, and I am trying to reach out and share the beauty of the islands with you (read: pictures) and yet alas! I can't seem to make this work. Will not go, pictures not budging! Will keep at it.
Meanwhile, Christine's fabulous PRIZE was waiting for me when I returned. Imagine a beautiful lace shawl (Thanks Melanie!) that I made myself. I hope you can. Also, fiberliciousness in a nest of pure white alpaca that is begging to be dyed. Must take pictures first!
But where IS the camera anyway? Dh used it last to take pictures of 4WDer's license plates as they tear up Nisene Marks Forest (our driveway!) These are always young, white males.
OK. It's true, I have another sock to finish for someone....supposed to be a you-know-what (FO by 12/25) so.......

By for now.

PS I did manage to join SP7 with a little help from excited!!!


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