Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble gobble!!!

Well, alrighty then. Here's the part where I admit to being a Martha Stewart fan. This little guy came out of the November issue.

Whatever you think about Martha, I don't care. She has given me so much over the last ten years ....including the ability to realize that there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, folks. I have repeatedly found ideas, patterns and instructions in my travels through vintage resources that Martha has unabashedly ripped off. OK, maybe she (her interns) got them from somebody's friend, Grandma, etc. But who cares? Through the magic of media, she manages to pull it off....making the old look new again. Isn't that the point after all?
It was a nice diversion for me and my 11 yo dd on an otherwise boring visit to my mom. She made one out of lighter yarn, to give to her Dad's family. This one is peace fleece and some (garage sale) red acrylic, felt tail, etc. I made three more for mil and sil (mailed off to Colorado) and this one will travel with me to Chico for tomorrow's fesitivities. My family LIVES for this stuff.
I am so happy to have this blog. Especially since while waiting for the pics to download I can spin within eye's distance!
On the left we have merino single spun on the borrowed Ashford travellor. This wheel is cranky at best, I struggled all morning but with persistance it is now doing its thing. (???) I enjoy spinning as much as I thought I would. As an avid knitter I seem to be working backward through the process...oh by the way, everything above is Koolaid dyed since I was getting bored silly spinning plain old white (though I enjoyed watching the vm fly out every once in a great while).

I wish to death I had written down the colors for these yarns but alas! Process overtook product and here we have something y'all wish you knew the colors for just so you would NEVER do something like it:

The beautiful thing is, dd number two (the 11) LOVES it since she watched the process of spinning and plying and hearing Mom swear (always a thrill - a chance to interject the age old "MMOMMM!"!) So I promised to knit a hat for her with it and she requested "a stars around the edge, or something". The mind whirls.

I'm gonna call it "Uncle Sam Threw Up." It may not be half bad.

Stay tuned for the other fiberball....a more promising mass. Looks like the sunset over Santa Cruz.


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