Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday, October 3, 2005

Hello all! I've started a hat for dh (a Solstice gift) It is gorgeous brown Peace Fleece with a little intarsia band above the rolled brim. I am attempting circular needles for the first time and I'm finding them...tubular! But seriously, it's more challenging than I thought. Like most round projects, the trickiest part is just getting the damn thing started without twisting, jerking or wretching into an irretrievable mess *sigh*...the good part is I knitted almost the entire weekend due to the 14's two day soccer tournament! There are some good things about those games...because if I was home of course I would have to be cleaning something.

However after frogging the first attempt because it looked too huge, I've only got about four inches done. And the second time around looks pretty large too, even 15 stitches less...

....good thing he's got a Big Head.


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