Saturday, August 13, 2011

jiffy dress

When I was learning to sew (in 1972) we called this a Jiffy Dress. I was really surprised to see them again at the fabric store and pretty happy too. Now that LP is learning to sew (she just dives in and teaches herself stuff, it's awesome) this is a great way to practice. Basically it's a tube top with a dress - length piece of fabric hanging off. One seam and you're done.

You can attach your own strings if you cut off the selvages and sew above each shoulder. Be sure to cross your straps in the back so they don't slide off. One could use cord or ribbon here too.

Good for over the bathing suit, washing the dog, or just enjoying the last precious days of summer.


Blogger LJ said...

adorable!! i have a sewing protege too!! it's fun to watch little people learn and share something we love to do!

5:03 AM  

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