Sunday, November 28, 2010

eight is beautiful

Little P. turned eight this weekend.  It was a nonstop birthday bonanza, beginning at Thanksgiving with all her cousins, aunties and grandma spoiling her to bits.  Then a gentle day of presents, treats and a trip to see Tangled in downtown Santa Cruz.  We watched her birth video, and some others of her at ages one and two.  Every year she just gets more beautiful.

We also have been trail riding...

Here is Buzzard Lagoon, the landmark for which our road is named.  The recent rains have it brimming.  I imagine this looks pretty cool at night.  Getting here a lot of slippery downhill but the horses handle it just fine.

Little P. is confident on Nelly now, and I am so happy.  She has become a solid and trustworthy horse (though still very energetic).  Please take a moment to admire my horse's impeccable ground manners.  Ahem.  Thank you.  The truth is I let them graze when we finally reach our destination.  That way they look forward to coming here.  Hence the relaxed appearance.

I just need a longer girth for my English saddle now to fit Mr. Big.  Though I must say the Western saddle is feeling warm and comfortable on these moderately chilly rides.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Onward to Solstice!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no idea there was a real lagoon. We should ride sometime. My sister in law and I ride almost every weekend if the weather is nice enough.

11:07 PM  

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